SINLetter 2.0: Your Feedback Required

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April 1, 2006 | Others | | Author Asif

Over the last few weeks we have been working on redesigning the SINLetter website to add new features, add additional links, and update the overall look and feel of Some of the changes that we have planned are

  • A new navigation menu on the right hand side that will feature additional links, blog archives by month and recent blog comments.
  • The current font type will be changed and the font size will be increased to help make it easier for visitors to read the newsletters and blog.
  • Allow visitors to see all historical trades through a link at the bottom of the model portfolio page. This feature is currently live. I should point out that the model portfolio automatically updates itself every day and you can see the SINLetter model performance in (almost) real time.
  • Forums may be added to allow subscribers to discuss stocks and investment strategies as well as ask questions.

Your feedback will be vital in shaping the next version of SINLetter. Your response to the following questions would be very helpful to us. You could email your response or post it as a comment.

  • Should we change the overall look and feel of this website from its current black/gray background with off-white text to a white/gray background with black text?
  • Would you be interested in sector lists? For example the September 2005 edition of SINLetter contained a list of home builders and the December 2005 edition contained a list of Indian ADRs.
  • Would you like to see forums on this website?
  • Any additional features that would be of interest to you?

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