SINLetter Weekend Music Edition: No 1

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September 9, 2006 | Music | | Author Asif

To add some color to the SINLetter blog, I figured in addition to stock investing and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), I would start a weekend music edition that features music I am currently listening to.

As many of you are aware, the focus of SINLetter is international stocks and we have featured many international stocks like Tata Motors, Sify, Teva Pharmaceutical and Logitech in previous editions. To continue that theme, I figured it would be fun to feature some international music in the first weekend music edition.

(Note: Links to specific tracks will open in Windows Media Player)

I became a big fan of Baaba Maal from Senegal after listening to his track Dunya Salam on the compilation 1 Giant Leap. 1 Giant Leap is an interesting fusion of cultures, religions and ideas. If you have “Comcast On Demand”, you can also find the entire 1 Giant Leap ”movie” under the free movies section. 1 Giant Leap is available on RealNetwork’s Rhapsody music service as well. Baaba Maal’s first album called Djam Leeli is also worth listening to.

I also came across the hauntingly beautiful song Adwa by Ethiopian artist Gigi from her self-titled album Gigi that is definitely worth checking out.

To wrap up this weekend edition of music, I would like to suggest the song Lord An’s Empire by the famous Indian artist A. R. Rahman from his album Between Heaven and Earth.

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  1. Swati
    May 1st, 2007

    Hey, Nice to read your music blog. I like Rehman’s Song too, will definitely check out Baaba Maal’s Dunya salam :) and Gigi’s Adwa. Thanks.

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