The Elusive Subscriber Number 1,000

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April 4, 2007 | Others | | Author Asif

We reached our 1,000th subscriber in March but my attempts at contacting him were futile and so I contacted the next subscriber but did not hear from him either. Beyond the $100 gift certificate that I had planned for subscriber number 1,000, James Altucher and Michelle Leder had agreed to donate autographed copies of their books Trade Like Warren Buffett and Financial Fine Print respectively.

In case you are not familiar with James Altucher, he is a contributor at, the founder of, managing partner at “alternative” asset management firm Formula Capital and the author of several books. Some people ask me how I manage to write these investment newsletters and create websites like while doing a full time job and I in turn wonder how James manages to do all the things that he does.

Michelle Leder, is a freelance journalist and author of the very popular blog I plan to give this gift certificate (after bumping it up to $200) and books to subscriber number 2,000 instead if I do not hear back from both the subscribers I contacted.

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  1. Jason
    April 29th, 2007


    If you are looking for a volunteer, you don’t have to ask twice!

  2. Asif
    April 29th, 2007


    Since you like to volunteer, I am considering asking you to become a moderator for the SINLetter forums that we plan to launch in the next couple of days. :-)

    There is one other way you could win the prize. Tell-A-Friend about SINLetter and if your friend happens to be subscriber number 2,000, I will have a special prize for you.

    I really should thank all the existing subscribers for helping us get to over 1,100 subscribers as most new subscribers find SINLetter through a personal recommendation.

  3. Jason
    May 1st, 2007

    Anything you need, just let me know! I have thoroughly enjoyed the time you have devoted to your writings so I am more than happy to give back.

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