The Spammers Are Getting Creative

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August 26, 2007 | Others | | Author Asif

In the incessant battle between spammers and system administrators, the spammers got the upper hand for a few minutes this morning. I received a private message this morning from the SINLetter forums that was very similar to the “nigerian scam” emails many of us have seen over the last couple of years. I also received an email from a subscriber notifying me that he had received the same private message.

It looks like the scammers are getting creative and used the SINLetter forums this morning to send private messages to the few members who had posted messages on the forums or had subscribed very recently. My estimate is that less than a dozen members would have received this email. I have tightened forum permissions to prevent this from happening again. I sincerely apologize to members who received this scam message.

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